11th Edition of Data Center Dynamics Spain

Aeon Ingeniería, has participated as a sponsor in the event DCD Spain 2018, the reference conference for professionals of the Data Center and Cloud infrastructure, held on May 23rd at the facilities of La Nave in Madrid. Among the many activities, Aeon Ingeniería has presented a presentation entitled “Docalia Tier III Certification – Grupo Caja Rural: description of the process and lessons learned.” by Mr. Isidro Ramos, founding partner of Aeon Ingeniería. The award-winning Tier III certification in design and…

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The New Data Center Standards: Tier 5

The new Tier 5 standard has recently been introduced by Switch, a major American company that provides “American-style”, i.e. large scale, data center services. The way to present it has been as a direct attack on the jugular of the Uptime Institute, without hot cloths, in what some have called “The War of the Tiers” and it looks as if it will be; not so much because of the repercussions of this standard but because of all the certification alternatives…

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Resolving questions about commissioning

The commissioning or commissioning is the set of activities necessary to verify that the project executed meets the requirements (OPR) initially defined by the promoter. We refer both to the requirements that satisfy the needs of the developer and to the operational requirements and functional criteria of the operator. We will come back to this later, because in our opinion, this is the true meaning of commissioning. Read the full article here (in spanish)…

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