Construction Management

We can carry out the project management service both in projects carried out by us and in projects carried out by other companies.

Project Verification

There are different options depending on the level of management and involvement required, but in either case, in Projects or tenders for projects carried out by others, our first action is to verify that the Project meets the objectives defined in the OPR: this prior verification will be necessary in the Commissioning Process that we will explain later.

Management of the Technical Office

Within the Construction Management service, we include the Management of the Construction Office, which would be in charge of the Technical Office, in charge of preparing the documentation for the “as built” Project.

The documentation of a Datacenter project is critical to the success of the Project: the experience in operation allows us to discriminate which documentation is necessary and which documentation is dispensable, superfluous and does not add value: it is as bad to have little documentation as it is to have cumbersome and unstructured information that is ultimately not useful for the intended purpose.

Technical Office Service

We can, if this office does not exist, provide the Technical Office service or complement the work if the scope of the work of the Technical Office of the Project has not been estimated correctly: we must bear in mind that the volume of documentation required is greater than usual.

Construction Visits

The site visit service is assessed according to the number of visits planned: not all projects require the same degree of involvement at this point, nor in all phases of the project, so we will adapt to the specific needs of the same.

Partial acceptance tests

As the different equipment is delivered, it will be necessary, and whenever possible, to carry out partial acceptance tests, without this meaning that the acceptance is final, allowing partial certifications of the project.


We can perform the legalization service or coordinate the legalizations of the different facilities.