We are an engineering company specialized in mission critical infrastructure.

We have been working on Data Center projects for over 20 years, in all phases of the infrastructure life cycle, from requirements consultancy, conceptual design, detail engineering, construction management, maintenance design, operation and maintenance execution, to commissioning and regulated and in-house training.

We have the training, the first level certifications of the most prestigious organizations of the sector, both in availability (Uptime Institute and ICREA) and in efficiency (CEEDA of DCPro), as well as in project management (training in PMI), and in IT and communications technologies.

We also have the experience, vocation and dedication to this sector that has been our life for so long, but above all, the desire to help and collaborate with you in the long term.

The flexibility of our offer and our working methodology allows you to decide when, how and with whom we need to collaborate in order to help you.