DCPRO. Training for the Data Center Industry

DCProAeon Engineering collaborates with DCPro by providing expert, highly qualified personnel to teach the subjects of the different courses.

As the market leader in data center training solutions, DCPro offers comprehensive, globally proven training options tailored to your organization’s needs.

From vendor-certified courses to customized technology training, to custom-developed in-house courses, you can learn by choosing from today’s most prestigious data center courses. The courses are taught and managed through the Primer Online Training Academy and the Learning Management System.

DCPro has improved the Accredited Career Development Framework, including new Management courses
Business Continuity and Open Compute Fundamentals, along with new Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management modules.

DCPro works closely with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your employees’ ambitions and professional roadmap, and is aligned with your own corporate business development strategy.

DCPro has an integrated support structure that extends globally, led by highly qualified instructors and high technical expertise. We can design and expand training solutions as quickly as your business recruits new people, adopts new applications or develops new disciplines.

DCPro offers you the security of standardized, relevant and industry-recognized certification, aligned with an organization’s corporate and business development strategy.


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