Data Center Analysis / Auditing

Data Center Audit

With the performance of a comprehensive audit of the data centre we intend to know the current status of the data centre, try to identify the gaps in availability or efficiency in each of the 17 subsystems in which we break down an infrastructure of these characteristics and, where appropriate, propose options for improvement.

In all these years, we have acquired experience in the management, measurement and implementation of dozens of audits of heterogeneous data centers and improvement alternatives, which end up becoming remodeling projects or even construction projects if the remodeling fails to meet the objectives sought.

Data Center Certification Processes

We have the training and experience to help you in the certification processes of the most prestigious certifications in the sector:


Data Center assesment

It is a previous study where, depending on the objective sought, we emphasize more on the deficiencies found:


We perform an initial preassessment of data center availability at the topology level and compare it to industry standards.


We perform a pre-assessment of the level of efficiency of the data center and the application of good practices.


After these previous analyses, we can accompany you in the certification processes, helping you to generate the required documentation.